How To Become Prime Minister

If anyone can do it, why can’t you?

With the Prime Ministership toppled after a leadership challenge for the fifth term in a row, the Australian people are asking themselves why they can’t just assume the office of the Prime Minister themselves? Turns out, you can. Just follow these simple steps.


1. Join A Political Party

It’s hard to be politically involved if you’re not, well, politically involved. To become the Prime Minister, first you’ll have to join a political party of your choice. The Liberal Party, the Labor Party, the Greens, or one of Australia’s many smaller parties would be glad to have you.

2. Get Yourself Preselected

Now that you’ve joined the party of your choice, you’re having a ball. You have policy ideas, a great team, and you’ve still got your eyes on the Canberran prize. The next step is to get yourself preselected.

This is where you’ll test yourself against a real opponent for the first time. You know who you are and what you want, and now you have to convince the people in your party that you’re the right man/woman/non-binary for the job. We both know you are, so get out there and win the chance to stand for your local electorate.

3. Win A Federal Campaign

Great work, you’ve been preselected. Your ideas took hold, you swayed the members of your party, and you’re ready to hit the campaign trail. Lock down some policy, start door-knocking in your area, and get to know the people that will hopefully (definitely) be voting for you.

For help winning campaigns, use this handy list of 9 easy steps.


4. Kick Ass In Canberra

Nicely done. You’ve scored yourself a one-way ticket to Canberra. Now you have to play the political game to keep yourself in Parliament House and work your way further through the party ranks. You’ve done it once before, back at home, but now you’re in a bigger playing field.

It could take a while so settle in — it took Turnbull 11 years to get himself to the top, Abbott 19, and Gillard 12.

5. Become The Leader Of The Party

You’ve become pretty familiar by now with how it all works. You’re passing legislation, you’re scoring wins in your electorate, and you’re feeling pretty good about the whole thing. But are you doing a better job than everyone else in your party?

Of course you are. Not that you’d backstab anyone – you’re trying to do what’s best for the people that elected you and you just happen to be overperforming.

6. Get To Governing

You made it. You’re the Prime Minister now. All it took was years of hard work, political manoeuvring, and good judgment calls (as well as few seasons of The West Wing, probably). Now you have to do what you thought all the Prime Ministers before you couldn’t – lead the country.

How hard could that be?


In all seriousness, if you want to contribute to Australian politics the easiest way is to vote. After that, join a political party. Or even contact your local Member. Be the change you want to see. 

For more information about how Australian democracy works, head to the Australian Electoral Commission website.

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