5 Ways To Avoid Saying ‘Content’ When You Mean Literally Anything Else

Content has become a widespread term used by everyone who's not really sure exactly what they're going to be asked to make next. It's pretty easy to find a lot of confidence in the vague umbrella of the term but, really, you can only make what you can make. Writing 50, 000 articles isn't suddenly… Continue reading 5 Ways To Avoid Saying ‘Content’ When You Mean Literally Anything Else

How To Save High Quality Instagram UGC

Do you run UGC campaigns and find yourself using software that's now two years obsolete┬ábecause it still saves down in 640 x 640? (Sorry, Iconosquare) Now you don't have to. You're welcome. I've also found that you'll get better engagement. Whether this is because Instagram weights higher resolutions more strongly or because users are just… Continue reading How To Save High Quality Instagram UGC

A Case Study in Reverse Advertising

Not An Ad, a Schweppes reverse ad. Read the brief document here. We did end up shooting in Roma Street Parklands, for which we should have had a permit, but the guy who fell asleep in the sun was a way bigger priority for the security guard. Sam Bowden filled in for Corey Kropp, who… Continue reading A Case Study in Reverse Advertising